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Blaze destroys Richmond Hill home

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Fire investigators in Richmond Hillare looking for any clues in what caused a riverside home in Bryan County toburn to the ground.

The flames were so hotand so high. Firefighters did everything to save a neighboring home. Two dogsdied in the fire, but no one else was home and even Tuesday. Firefighters wereback to keep the flames from re-emerging.

Just 24 hours ago, Daryl Walkercame home to find his Sayles Lane dream home along the Tivoli River burned tothe ground.

"It's devastating. We had just done alot of work and renovations. [We] had everything how we wanted it. and for thisto happen - cuts you off at the knees," Walker said.

The Walker family's two dachshunds didnot survive. Their family photos were also lost.

"We lost 50 years of pictures fromjunior high all the way to present - my children, my grandchildren - all thosepictures are gone," he said.

Fire investigators continue to look athow and where the blaze began. The whole front of the home was engulfed.

Fire Chief Freddy Howell said the home25 feet away became an instant priority.

"I was really scared we were going tolose it too, but they did a great job saving it," Howell said.

That wasn't the only scary thingfirefighters faced.

"Especially with the amount of heatand fire when we pulled up, it was already going up in to the trees. It wasprobably 40 to 50 feet high," he said.

A 250-gallon propane tank madebattling the blaze even tougher.

"They have a pop-off valve on them, butit kept popping off and shooting flames 50 to 70 feet in the air. [It] soundedlike a jet engine going off, which was scaring everybody," Howell said.

They got the propane tank cooled off.With help from Richmond Hill and Fleming Fire Departments, they were able tostop the flames.

The Walkers home is a total loss. Officialssaid the fire is not considered suspicious. The state fire marshal is assistingthe Bryan County fire chief with the investigation.

"We will probably rebuild because theview is awesome, but it will be a major undertaking," Walker said. "We are just happy there was nobodyhome."

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