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Vendors set up for St. Patrick's Day festivities


It's been nothing but hustle and bustle along River Street all day, as vendors began setting up for Savannah's biggest celebration of the year, St. Patrick's Day.

Some vendors are concerned because the festival is four days this year, one day longer than last year.

"I don't know how this one is going to go, but it should be crazy," said vendor Alyson Harris.  

Most of the vendors along River Street are different, but they all share similar perspectives about St. Patrick's Day.

"It should be crazy," said Harris.  "We have really long hours; we are here from eight or nine in the morning until 3 a.m. every day," said Harris.

Long days and long nights are ahead for businesses along River Street filled with partying and drinking, inside and outside.

"You know, sometimes it's harder to get into the bars and restaurants, so out here on the breezeway, you can also get product out here as well," said Chris Haborak from Coastal Empire Beer Company.

Crews are stocking nearly 400 cases of beer just for the waterfront tent bars. People will also find endless food and entertainment.

Some vendors say St. Patrick's Day is the Black Friday for many businesses in Savannah.

"Everybody gets so excited about St. Patrick's Day because it's the beginning of our season and it's a jump off as to letting you go forward with the rest of your business," said Patsy Hood.

Thousands of people are expected to flood into the city this weekend to party and drink, which means there will be a high demand for restrooms.

Crews are setting up more than 400 port-a-potties throughout the city. City officials said United Site Services have been providing the portable restrooms for the last five years.

In fact, according to city officials there are a couple of port-a-potty vendors in Savannah, but none of them are able to support the amount of toilets needed for an event as large as this.

United Site Services is the closest one, coming all the way from Jacksonville. They were setting up most of the toilets today for public use, but city officials expect that some folks will rent their own private potty.

City officials want to remind those people that port-a-potties cannot be placed on public property but there are ways to bring it with you.

"If you park your pick-up truck or moving van in a legal parking spot, you can put that port-a-potty in that spot itself," said Bret Bell, spokesperson for City of Savannah. "But if something happens to that port-a-potty, the responsibility to clean up that god awful mess is on you."

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