Man Shot While Attempting to Rob Elderly Couple

Investigators at the scene.
Investigators at the scene.

A robber targeted a couple in their 70s off of Highway 80 in Garden City last night, but little did he know, he was about to become the target.

Niece Bonnie Turner thinks the world of her aunt and uncle. "They're good people. They would do anything in the world for you."

That's exactly what the man who broke into their home was counting on. Around 7:45 last night, a man knocked at the door of Lonnie and Betty Morgan's home, claiming he had car trouble. When Lonnie offered him tools, the man forced his way in. When he started roughing up Lonnie and his wife, Lonnie promised him money if he would go away. And that's when the tables turned.

"They proceeded to the bedroom or another room in the house," said Capt. Steve Stratman of the Garden City Police Department. "The old man gave him a hundred dollar bill. The man started hitting him with a lamp and the old man apparently shot him."

His niece says her uncle is one to defend himself. "I'm surprised, but with him it didn't really surprise me that much."

She's just glad this night didn't turn out any worse. "Both of them may have wound up dead," she said.

As for the robber, he faces additional charges for crimes against the elderly. The robber's name has not been released. He's in intensive care at Memorial Health University. Police recovered stolen property from a burglary they believe he committed three houses away.

The Morgans are also being kept at the hospital for observation.

Reported by: Liz Flynn,