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March Madness now more available than ever

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Sneaking out to a sports bar for lunch during the NCAA Tournament is so 2012.

"Nowadays, you can actually access March Madness through a connected tablet like an iPad, just logging into," said Stan Kilp, general manager of Savannah's Best Buy store,

And by doing so, you can bring the tournament to you, wherever you happen to be.

"With a connected tablet, you can take it to work, if you're allowed, and watch it there," said Kilp.

And if you're not allowed?

"You can quickly hit a button and switch off and some people might use a privacy setting," said Kilp. "But it's something you shouldn't be doing at work. We don't advise it."

With a free March Madness app, the tournament has become available anyplace on a variety of platforms.

Previews, stats, and game broadcasts can be viewed on tablets, smart phones and laptops, making the tournament as accessible as it now is scrutinized.

"It's definitely a new level of excitement with the devices," said Kilp. "March Madness seems like it keeps growing. I think it really adds to the drive to watch it, and I think it adds a lot of excitement."

But with a function that also allows fans to fill out and track brackets digitally, what to do with those old tournament sheets that were once as much a part of march as St. Patrick's Day?

"Well," said Kilp, "you might want to just have them to make paper airplanes with."

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