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JCSD inspection conducted after complaints received


The South Carolina Dept. of Education said they investigated the Jasper County School District last year, after receiving complaints from at least three school board members and one former teacher.

The spokesperson for the State Department of Education, Dino Teppara, said they received complaints in 2012.

Education officials sent their findings to the Office of Inspector General. However, they wouldn't investigate due to lack of jurisdiction.

According to the DOE, one of the biggest complaints was money. They said some board members had a problem with the way finances were being managed, and expenditure issues.

Also on that list of complaints: issues with school facilities, budget issues (board members questioned why some schools received more funds than others), the treatment of teachers and the relationship between the superintendent and board members.

Education officials said they investigated the teacher's complaints, but they found nothing that warranted further action. They also inspected the school facilities but found no health or safety issues.

Do these issues have anything to do with the current federal investigation? The Dept. of Education doesn't know, because they're not involved in the investigation at all.

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