Editorial Salute - 3/20/14

Earlier this week, Medals of Honor were awarded to 24 military members from World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.  All but 3 of the awards were made posthumously, those medals going to family members.  This large ceremony  resulted from the 2002 Defense Authorization Act, after-which was initiated a comprehensive review of past Distinguished Service Cross recipients, the nation's second highest award for combat valor.  That review resulted in the 24 upgrades to Medal of Honor status, leading to this week's presentations.

On that subject, last week, it was announced that medically-retired Marine Corps Lance-Corporal Kyle Carpenter would, also, be receiving the Medal of Honor.  Lance-Corporal Carpenter saved the life of a fellow Marine by falling on a roof-top grenade during intense combat action in Afghanistan in 2010.  Both Marines were severely injured by the resulting blast. Kyle Carpenter lost an eye, among other injuries, and has undergone more than 30 surgeries during his recuperation.  The award ceremony is scheduled for later this year.

And finally, we've lost another World War II hero.  Savannah-native Lorton Livingston passed from our midst late last week.  Mr. Livingston was a United States Army artillery captain who came ashore at Utah Beach very early in those vital D-Day landings.  He then fought in many significant allied operations across France, including the Battle of the Bulge.  Not-long-after, he was wounded, and nearly killed in combat, awarded the Purple Heart to accompany his three Bronze Stars.  His post-war years were distinguished by devotion to family, a successful business career, and an on-going commitment to community involvement.  May he now rest with Almighty God in richly-deserved eternal peace.