Health department Investigates green substance in ditch

Health department Investigates green substance in ditch

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - The Chatham Co. Health Dept. says they are investigating a strange substance sitting in the ditches of the Ogeechee Farms neighborhood in Southwest Chatham County.

Neighbors are concerned it may be sewage coming from a neighbor's home, but the neighbor assures us that it is not sewage.

"Something needs to be done right now so that kids are not getting sick." Concern continues to grow for Mary Crews and her family after they noticed this goo sitting in the ditches around their Newington Road home.

"It started smelling on days that it's hot," said Crews. "The days that it's cool, you don't smell it, but you see it."

Based on its greenish-brown appearance and odor, she says she thinks it's sewage coming from her neighbor's septic tank. That concerns her because her 3-year-old grandson plays in the area.

"We have been trying to get a hold of people to straighten this problem out, and they keep pushing it to somebody else," said Crews.

The health department is investigating the complaint. Health officials couldn't confirm what the substance is, but they did say if it is determined to be a septic tank issue, they will notify the homeowner for corrective action.

On the other hand, the homeowner Everett Stokes said it is not a sewage issue and that it is just drainage buildup after he had to put in a new drain field. Stokes said he has a contractor coming to check all it out over the weekend.

"He's going to look at it and see what the problem is," Stokes said. He said his contractor has been out to look it before and had said it was green algae.

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