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Questions arise about concrete side of wall on Truman Pkwy

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The Truman Parkway is complete and open, but it has not without some gripes.

WTOC-TV viewers are asking why one concrete side wall of the bridge over the Vernon River is low with a view of the marsh and the other side is higher, blocking the view, and in their words, ugly.

It turns out, an agreement has been in place for some time to prevent any disturbance for folks who live in the Vernonburg area for the wall to be higher. People are noticing, and asking questions, including WTOC viewer Kathy Alderman.

"If you are heading south you have a great view of the marsh. If you are heading north, it's awful. You look at this big ugly wall. Couldn't they paint it? Do something with it. I don't understand why they would do that," Alderman told WTOC.

The wall, which is a different color than the concrete below it, runs the full length of the bridge over the marsh, almost half a mile long. According to Chatham County engineer, Leon Davenport, the wall was part of the agreement with the Vernonburg area. They requested, early in the process, the wall be higher to keep headlights from drivers on the Truman Parkway from being seen. The agreement was part of the environmental commitments for the project.

So, the answer is, it's what residents nearby wanted.

"I think that the ugly wall is probably not what they had in mind when they were complaining about head lights. I think they would have been a lot happier without the ugly wall there," Alderman said.

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