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Scams continue to plague the Coastal Empire

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Scams like the Jury Duty Scam continue to trick people across the Coastal Empire.

The Financial Crimes Unit of the SCMPD said the number of complaints, about fake law enforcement trying to trick people into thinking they must pay a fine or else they will be arrested, is growing by the day.

The caller, usually with a foreign accent according to Financial Crimes Det. Ray Woodberry, will try to instruct you to put money on a Green Dot card to pay the phony fine.

The premise is usually the same, the identity of the scammer may vary. The scam almost always starts with a phone call, along with a claim that you missed jury duty and will be arrested if you don't pay the fine.

It's not real, so hang up.

As far as catching the crooks, there is not a lot police can do.

"The problem is, they are hard to investigate," said Woodberry. "Because they are being done from oversears or way off, out of our region. So what we are trying to do is educate the public, warn them about the scams, deter it that way."

If you want to be sure, hang up and call the local sheriff's office directly. Same goes for the Georgia Power scam.

If someone calls claiming to be with Georgia Power and take a credit payment over the phone, hang up and call Georgia Power directly. Chances are it's not real.

If you get one of these calls about jury duty, the caller will likely try to intimidate you. That's not how law enforcement operates, especially with jury duty. Just hang up and report it to authorities.

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