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Family vows to not let guns in church

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A family affected by the shooting at the fairgrounds in Savannah more than a year ago is not happy with the new Georgia law allowing guns in places of worship.

We spoke with reverend Eric Mason, whose son Marquis was an innocent bystander and shot in the melee at the fairgrounds. The law really hits home for his family.

The Mason's son is doing better, but he still has the bullet from the shooting lodged behind his heart. It's a constant reminder about what happened.

Now, the Mason's said this new law allowing guns in churches is something they will do all they can to dissuade and educate about.

"It's devastating. It's outrageous to have guns in a place of worship. It's like someone said, if I have to have a gun in church, I need to find a new church to go to," Mason said.

Mason is the pastor at Jesus First Christian Community Fellowship Church.

"We didn't expect that to happen at the fairgrounds because at the fairgrounds we expect our children to be safe and have a great time. Same thing with a church. We don't come to church and expect to be shot, attacked or assaulted by someone with a gun," Mason said.

He said his son is not letting the bullet slow him down.

"He's not letting the bullet stop him from being a voice to all the young people to let them know there is hope after these types of tragedies," he said.

It's too late to get lawmakers to change their mind, but Mason, as a father, pastor and voice, wants to begin an education movement, with the help of all church and community leaders, and send a message of no guns in church.

"We are not going to allow or go along with this, and we will do anything we can do to keep it from happening in our community," Mason said.

With the help of the Georgia Ports Authority, Reverand Mason said the education process will begin with an outreach at his church the beginning of next month.

Governor Nathan Deal still has 35 days to sign the bill into law.

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