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Several of prosecutors' witnesses testify at court martial

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Pvt. Isaac Aguigui Pvt. Isaac Aguigui

Paramedics testified on Tuesday at the court martial for a Fort Stewart soldier who's charged in the slaying of his pregnant wife.

Pvt. Isaac Aguigui is charged in the July 2011 death of  Sgt. Deirdra Aguigui at their home.

Aguigui is already serving life in a civilian prison for two people murdered months after his wife. The civilian case pointed toward him killing his wife for insurance money.

Prosecutors have used witnesses to paint a picture of a man who manipulated his wife to kill her and collect $500,000 in insurance money.

Most of Tuesday's testimony focused on Aguigui and what part he may have played in his wife's death. Later testimony focused on Deirdra Aguigui and any evidence her autopsy could offer.

Michael Schaefer, a former soldier and former friend of Aguigui, testified on Monday that the husband told him he wanted to "get rid" of his wife - especially when she learned she was pregnant. Schaefer said Aguigui said he's looked for someone who would kill her for a share of the $500,000 life insurance policy. 

On Tuesday, the paramedic who treated Deirdra Aguigui talked about finding her unresponsive. An Arizona woman talked about her romantic relationship with Aguigui while he was training there. She said he told he was divorcing his wife and told her he would soon come into some money.

Another paramedic testified on how they treated Aguigui's unconscious wife to resuscitate. He also said he does remember Aguigui alerting them that she was pregnant.

Military investigators testified on what they found in the Aguiguis' home after Deirdra Aguigui was taken to the Hospital. They interviewed Aguigui about his wife's health and pregnancy before her death.

A military medical examiner also testified that Deirdra Aguigui eyes had an uneven blood congestion as if her head had been on its side as she died. But Aguigui told investigators he found her unconscious but sitting up on the couch and administered CPR to her on her back. However, under cross examination, the medical examiner said she could not find conclusive evidence that she was murdered.

Military Investigators testified on what they found in the couple's living room and bedroom. They showed evidence pictures of handcuffs and toys in the couple's bedroom.

They also testified on how Aguigui described the couple's sex life and how he awoke to find his wife unconscious in another room. The investigators also pulled phone records from his and her phones to see who he talked to or texted before and after his wife died.

In December, Pvt. Isaac Aguigui pleaded not guilty and chose to have his case tried by a military judge alone. He is charged in the deaths of his wife Sgt. Deirdre Aguigui and their unborn child in 2011.

Investigators said Aguigui is the mastermind behind an anti-government militia group called Forever Enduring Always Ready. Other Fort Stewart-based Army soldiers were part of FEAR. They had discussed bombing areas around Savannah such as Forsyth Park and their ultimate goal was to overthrow the federal government and assassinate President Barack Obama, according to court documents.

The group was uncovered as part of the investigation of the double murder case of Pvt. Michael Roark and Tiffany York. They were murdered to keep Roark for revealing FEAR's plans, according to court documents. Their bodies were found by a fisherman at Morgan Lake in Long County in Dec. 5, 2011.

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