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Georgia Ports Authority fire damage nearly $20 million


A massive fire destroyed approximately 110,000 square feet of Ocean Terminal Warehouse Number 3 on Feb. 8 at the Georgia Ports Authority.

Emergency response teams from several agencies worked with GPA personnel to extinguish the fire, secure the site and undertake a massive clean-up effort required.

The GPA executed temporary leases with adjacent property owners in order to provide contractual services to customers  and clear the impacted storage areas.

Costs associated with the fire will be reimbursed by insurance carriers, and the cost may approach $20 million.

Part of the cost includes approximately $300,000 to the Savannah Fire Department, $11.5 million ffor temporary leased facilities, site remediation, debris removal and other cleanup efforts.

It is also expected to cost an estimated $8.5 million to replace the destroyed portion of the building.

The GPA insurance policies require the GPA to pay the associated bills through internal funds on a monthly basis before formally requesting reimbursement.

Replacement of the building and close out of all claims are expected to be completed within the next 12 months.  

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