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Savannah shelter sends animals to Atlanta Humane Society


Half of the dogs and a few cats at the Savannah Chatham Animal Control Shelter are gone, and that's a good thing.

The Mansell Campus of the Atlanta Humane Society arrived Tuesday morning at the shelter on Sallie Mood Drive with a huge kennel on wheels to help alleviate the near full kennel population. 

With some kisses goodbye and wags of tails, volunteers from Atlanta loaded up. 

"It brings us all nearly to tears," Christina Sutherin, an SCMPD Animal Control Officer, smiled and said.

But they're happy tears. If the group had not come down, the fate of some of these sweet faces would be bad.

Of the animals left inside, Sutherin said they'll get some more quality time.

"We get to concentrate more on getting those animals out, hopefully get to know those animals better, spend more time with those animals," she said.

They're even getting reimbursed for treatments some of the animals leaving received. 

"Because they did vaccinate and test the animals prior to us picking them up, so we're going to send them back the tests and vaccines that they've used on these animals, so they don't incur any extra charges," explained Katie Black from the Mansell Campus of the Atlanta Humane Society.

This is the second time this group has transported a large amount of dogs and cats from Savannah.

"A little over a year ago we helped them when they were undergoing some construction and needed to clear out some of their kennels so we had some open space, so I reached out." Black said.

Two new litters and their moms were among the 49 saved that left for Atlanta today, and on a parting note, animal control officers here hope this spring doesn't bring too many more preventable litters.

"We hope that people will spay and neuter their animals more, and not see these things in the future," Sutherin added.

And we can't forget about our furry friends in the Lowcountry.  Hilton Head Humane Society also drove up a couple of dogs and cats, and they're heading to Atlanta as well. 

A break down of animals:

25 dogs and puppies and 11 cats and kittens were from the Savannah-Chatham Animal Control Shelter, while four cats and nine dogs were from the Hilton Head Humane Society.

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