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Small breakfast shops see sales increase as temps drop

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It was bitter cold in some parts of the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry on Wednesday, with the temperature dropping below freezing in many counties.

Early Wednesday morning, it was 29 degrees in Stateboro and 30 degrees in Sylvania. This is surprising, considering the temps were in the 70s on Tuesday.

"Who knows about the weather, you just have to come outside everyday and see what it is like," said Wayne Miller, a customer of Daylight Donuts.

Many small coffee and breakfast places see a large increase in sales when the temps plummet. Daylight Donuts, one of Statesboro's most popular places loves the cool weather.

"Coffee sales are up, donut sales are up, everything is up when the temps go down. People want to come by and get some warm food." said owner Randy Linto. "When they drop down, our sales go up dramatically."

Other coffee shops in the area reported the same thing; cooler temps equals more sales.

"You just got to keep a jacket in the truck this time of year, no matter what happens you have it nearby," said Miller.

"Georgia is weird. One day its 70 the next it is in the 40s. I guess that is just the price you pay for no snow," said Charles Townsend, a customer of Daylight Donuts.

The temperatures will get back into the 70s this weekend.

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