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Prosecutors rest in soldier's court martial case

Pvt. Isaac Aguigui Pvt. Isaac Aguigui
Sgt. Dierdra Aguigui Sgt. Dierdra Aguigui

Defense attorneys started presenting the case Wednesday afternoon in the court martial for a Fort Stewart soldier who's charged with the slaying of his pregnant wife.

Pvt. Isaac Aguigui is accused of suffocating his wife Sgt. Dierdra Aguigui in July 2011 in their home on Fort Stewart. Aguigui told investigators then that his wife died during sex. ​At that time, he collected a $500,000 life insurance policy.

Her cause of death was previously ruled undetermined. Civilian prosecutors claimed Aguigui used the insurance money to finance a militia group. Aguigui's arrest in two other murders prompted military investigators to re-evaluate her death and eventually charge him with murder. He is already serving a life sentence for the murder of a former soldier and the soldier's girlfriend in December 2011.

Prosecutors wrapped their case on Wednesday before lunch. They highlighted a medical expert who stated Deirdra Aguigui was murdered and didn't die of natural causes.

The consulting medical examiner testified that he felt the various wounds on Sgt. Deirdra Aguigui's body and the absence of other explanations for her death pointed to homicide. He concluded that marks on her neck helped indicate strangulation through a choke hold that blocked the flow of blood to her brain.   

A GBI medical examiner testified Deirdra Aguiagui's various injuries and no other explanation pointed to homicide. He also pointed to bruises on her neck as evidence of a choke hold that stopped blood flow to her brain.

Other witnesses described the money he received from life insurance.

Defense attorneys went back and forth with him on whether or not she could have died of heart complications. He said possibly, but not likely as someone killing her.

Testimony was completed Wednesday evening, and closing arguments will begin Thursday morning.

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