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Counterfeit $100 bills making the rounds in Middle TN


Local business owners say counterfeit $100 bills have been making the rounds for the past few weeks.

Teresa Gravelle, who owns two Baskin-Robbins stores, says a customer at her Madison location paid for an order over the weekend with a fake $100 bill that had been printed over a legitimate $5 bill.

The pens that detect counterfeit bills won't detect when a real bill has been changed to a different amount.

Gravelle says it's important to hold the bills up to the light and make sure the image is clear and the security strip is there.

"If they're giving you large bills, I would check them," Gravelle said. "I would authenticate that you're getting the money you're supposed to get. Because if you take it someplace, they're going to seize it, and you're just out the money, so I'm out the $100."

If you suspect a bill is not legitimate, contact law enforcement. Even if the person who had the bill isn't responsible for the fake money, they might be able to help find where it originated.

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