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Editorial Salute - 3/27/14

A Navy corpsman, now stationed at Naval Hospital Pensacola, was awarded the Silver Star, last week, for his heroic combat actions in Afghanistan in June of 2012.  On two successive days, Hospital Corpsman-3 Zack Penner, then assigned to 8th Marines, braved enemy fire to treat fallen comrades, in one case, running over 100-yards to treat, then shield with his body, two badly injured troops, one a Marine, the other an Afghan soldier, until they could be evacuated.  "Marines love their corpsman. I always wanted to be a corpsman, because I wanted to help Marines," said Penner, in a Military.com interview.   Our congratulations and thanks to Navy hero Zack Penner for his commitment and courage, and to all corpsman and medics who put their own lives on-the-line to provide emergency care, for comrades, fallen in battle.

Last month, Hollywood actor and exceptionally-committed military supporter, Gary Sinise, hosted a special trip to Disney World for fifty wounded warriors and guests.  Organized under the banner of his Gary Sinise Foundation, established to help military families, as well as police and fire first responders, his generosity enabled these military men and women a day of pure enjoyment, well away from injuries sustained, and life-changes made, resulting from their valiant and dedicated service to our nation.

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