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Orange Crush security now Tybee's responsibility

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Tybee Mayor Jason Buelterman said taxpayers will have to foot the bill for security at Orange Crush.

The one group that actually brought a little organization to the event - and was willing to pay for some of the security costs - is now pulling out.

They were essentially asked to pay for security for the entire beach.

Desmond Duval, a representative from D&D Media, pulled his permit request to reserve the pavilion at the pier on April 19.

Now the city's on the hook for all the security for Orange Crush. Duval said he believes there will be no organization for this year's event at all.

"Now they foot the whole bill themselves," he said.

Last year thousands of people flocked to Tybee Island for Orange Crush, leaving behind a sea of trash.

Duval says this year, his group D&D Media were trying to help give some sort of organization to the semi-impromptu event, but feels he was being held responsible.

"I don't know why they are trying to get someone to foot the bill for all of the security. That is what I told them," he said.

He said that once sheriff's office said there would be 10,000-15,000 people on the beach, that they were going to need 24 officers.

Duval said they planned to hold a fashion show and concert at the pavilion. with no one being named the official organizer of orange crush.

Duval said it isn't fair his group is being penalized and was expected to foot the bill.

"The county wanted us to rent the pavilion and we wanted to have an organized event on the 19th. Now there is no organization now," he said.

Buelterman said it is a unique situation with Easter being on Sunday. While the city would prefer the event not come at all, it is a public beach. 

The mayor said they will just work harder to enforce the rules.

"It's a difficult situation we face, but we're going to try to make the best of it," he said. "In a perfect world, we like it not to happen at all just as Daytona Beach and beaches that traditionally attract spring break crowds large groups of unsupervised young people  - is not what communities one that is the same situation here."

There is some relief. They do have officers coming from the Georiga State Patrol, Savannah State, and various other agencies that will not be charging the city.

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