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Doctors say expect bad pollen season


Spring is here, and for the Lowcountry and Costal Empire that usually means it's pollen season.

The longer winter has made this pollen season especially severe, according to doctors. 

And while many people, like 7-year-old Gabriella Black, want to enjoy this spring weather, they can't because of the pollen.

"Yeah [it's] in my eyes pretty much, and it makes them water, and it hurts a lot," she said. "And I sneeze from it a lot. I don't really like it."

According to Dr. Thomas Beller, Black has the same symptoms most of us with allergies have when the pollen falls. But, the yellow pollen that we see on the grounds and on our cars isn't the issue.

"It's not a typical trigger  for allergy symptoms in 99 percent of patients," said Dr. Beller.  "However it's the marker. It's what people are seeing, and it's occurring at the same time that oak, bayberry, birch, the most common typical things that are bothering people."

Many people take over the counter medicine to deal with their allergies. Dr. Beller said those work great for adults and children.

"[But] once you start to experience symptoms like sinus pressure, cough, and post nasal drip, those symptoms are very difficult to manage with over the counter medications. Usually that's time to go seek help from an allergist," he said. 

Dr. Beller recommends Claritin, Zyrtec, and Benadryl.

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