Psychic Leads Police to Romedy Search Site

Two and a half years ago, Allyson Romedy disappeared without a trace. Effingham County authorities are now working on some new leads they hope will bring closure to this case. They brought in a psychic from California who led them across the state line into South Carolina.

The psychic's input led police to an area near the Sand Hill community. They then brought cadaver dogs that reacted to a muddy area under a bridge.

"With her and with the K-9 unit there are several areas that we are looking at and this is one of them," said Sgt. Martin Runge of the Rincon PD. "We've been here since yesterday and the dogs did hit and we are pumping water and we are also raking."

This search is just one of many that have taken place since Romedy went missing. She was last seen at home by her daughter as she kissed her goodnight. After that she left the house and hasn't been seen since. A couple of months later, her car and purse were found in Rincon, but no sign of Romedy.

The search at this new site could take days or even weeks, but police say they will put in whatever time is necessary to get the job done.

For Romedy's family, the past two years have been agonizing. While they are hopeful of finding her, they are realistic. "We would love to think that this is going to bring it to conclusion, be we are afraid to get our hopes up," said Jennifer Johnston, Romedy's sister. "It's a big area down there."

The psychic has worked with police agencies all over the country and has been successful in helping police find missing people and bodies. Crews are still searching, and it could take some time. We'll keep you posted on any developments in this ongoing case.

Reported by: Ron Wallace,