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Editorial - 3/31/14

Don't need to tell you we're living through a frustrating, self-centered, too-easily-offended, dependence-enabled era, where the First and Second Amendments, and our treasured traditions, endure continual erosive attack. 

With the intention of protecting our citizens from a dictatorial government, the Second Amendment was enacted to give Americans the clear right to keep and bear arms, period.  Not so, according to a Springfield, Illinois middle school workbook that instructs, instead, (quote): "people have the right to certain weapons, providing they register them…."  The self-serving interpretation of a teacher, from several years ago, no longer at the school, whose wording has remained in use.  Responding to a recent complaint, while the school said they'd address it, the superintendent decreed that the unconstitutional version would remain.  While forms of federal registration do exist, aimed at keeping weapons out of the wrong hands, criminals don't adhere to such requirements.  Currently, D.C. and Hawaii require total registration, while eight states, including Georgia, prohibit firearm registries.    

Benign registration is the key, first-step toward eventual confiscation.  Confiscation from the law-abiding, leaves guns only in the hands of criminals and government agencies.  Creating a defenseless citizenry, and with it, the domino-dismantling of all other individual freedoms, culminating in tyranny.  Doubt it, then remember, that disarming citizens was at the very core of the repressive regimes of Hitler, Stalin, and other of history's ruthless tyrants.  We must do all in our vocal and electoral power to insure full adherence to the Second Amendment, and halt the unconstitutional road to gun confiscation from law-abiding citizens.


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