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Young women hope to revolutionize STEM industry


Numbers show the number of women working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) is on the decline, but schools across the country are trying to change that by encouraging girls to crack in to the field usually dominated by males.

H.V. Jenkins High School senior Gabby Turner said it doesn't bother her being surrounded by boys in her math and science classes.

"Thinking about it, it's kind of cool. But, then again, we're just the same as all the guys that are there," she said.

As one of the few girls in engineering at Jenkins, Turner said she's grown to accept the fact that she is sometimes outnumbered in the field she loves.

"In my AP Bio class there's two girls. We started with three, but one left," she said.

Turner doesn't feel ostracized by this.

"I've always been pretty independent and confident. As long as I'm doing something that I love, I don't really feel the pressure from the outside. Maybe I'll pressure myself," she said.

Turner's classmate, fellow senior Jasmine Lane, said she hopes to see more girls enter the STEM field.

"We as women have a lot of things we can bring to the science and technology fields. We just need to get a bigger push into them," she said.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of women in STEM careers continues to decline. While women make up nearly half of the workforce, in 2011 they only made up 26% of the 7.2 million STEM workers.

The girls in the STEM program at Jenkins High hope to pursue careers in everything from civil to biochemical engineering. They said the biggest key to success is confidence.

"Working around a lot of boys has taught me to have more confidence. That's the biggest aspect is having confidence," Teaysia Biggins said.

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