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Asked & Answered: Is it Whitefield or Whitfield?

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With the Truman Parkway finished, many questions from viewers are popping up. One is about the spelling of the name Whitefield Avenue.  

We know it's not Whitefield - it's Whitfield Avenue - just like Whitemarsh is not spelled Whitmarsh. But when did the spelling change?

Some people such as Ruth Smith, who has lived along Whitfield her who life, want to know with the Truman Parkway now complete - when did the city add an "e" to Whitfield?

"I always thought it was Whitefield with no "e" because ever since I lived over here, I [had] always seen it with no "e," Smith said.

Smith wasn't the only one. Many people on Facebook are asking the same question. If you look at some of the signs, it does look like the e was obviously recently added.

The city of savannah told WTOC that the change actually happened in 2008. Whitfield Avenue is named after George Whitefield, who founded the Bethesda Home for Boys and was a founder of the Methodist Church. The inaccurate spelling appeared for the first time in 1960 after a signmaker dropped the "e" inadvertantly. It took Chatham County leaders 48 years before it was fixed.

Some residents are just now starting to notice.

"What bothered me a little bit was how the sign was the way the sign had been put together. It looks like it had been a mistake that was corrected and I wish they'd fix that, but that would cost money, I'm sure. When I started researching, I couldn't find anything. I just thought, ‘Ya'll could help me what's happening.' We did get an answer, and I appreciate that," Smith said.

As retired Savannah reporter Larry Peterson wrote: George Whitfield can now stopping spinning in his grave. Residents now know the answer to their question.

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