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City official to review studies for Sand Gnat transplant

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The Savannah Sand Gnats are either one step closer to finding a new downtown home, or one step closer to packing their bags for a different city.

Either way it looks like this might be the last year the minor league calls Grayson Stadium home as the team is in it's last year under contract at the field.

The next step in the process is now underway. The city of Savannah has received seven proposals from firms all over the country to see if a downtown stadium move is viable.

The city put out a RFP to try and get to the bottom of two things: where would be the best place for a multi-use ballpark and how much will it cost?

City Officials now take on the task of reviewing all seven studies that were submitted and selecting one that is the best fit for both parties.

If the new stadium is not feasible, the Sand Gnats are not taking the prospect of moving to Columbia, SC off the table. However, with the roots they have made in Savannah, they hope there is a way to stay.

"One of the things that the city has to look at is the cost benefits," said Team General Manager John Katz. "I think that one of these firms that does a good job and presents the information, I think it's going to come back very favorable and we are hoping the city will work with us to bring this thing to fruition. Savannah remains the top target. This is where we want to be."

The franchise will move forward with Savannah's rich baseball tradition and open their season April 3, with the first pitch at 7:05 p.m. at Grayson Stadium.

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