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Film industry pushes safety in wake of tragedy

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The Savannah Film community is still mourning the loss of Sarah Jones, a camera operator for the movie "Midnight Rider," who was killed during filming on a Wayne County train track.

Now, Savannah filmmakers are coming out to make sure that this tragic event does not repeat itself.

Savannah filmmakers and "SWIFT" (Savannah Women in Film and Television) held a seminar on Saturday to share ways to help protect film crews and production staff. The panel consisted of OSHA, union and industry veterans. They discussed the importance of reinforcing what the industry already knows, and the importance of encouraging folks to point out safety issues, or how to say no without fear of losing their job.

"Safety is an important aspect of filmmaking, and it needs to be at the top of everybody's mind, and it is a fast pace business. People need to be focused on safety, and be enabled to point out safety issues, said Jay Self, President, Medient Studios, Inc.

"We have had some incidents which are well known, locally. Our decision was 'how do we move forward from this?' We are not involved in what happened; that will come out over time, but it is really important that we learn from mistakes, that we help people be safer on the set," said Bernie Ask, CEO, Golden Isles Production.

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