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Police: Drugged driving on the rise

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Garden City Police say they are seeing a spike in drugged driving, sometimes with deadly results.

In May 2013, a woman died on Chatham Parkway when she swerved into an oncoming truck. Garden City Police say she was wearing three prescription pain patches at the time.

Over the past few years, they have arrested a man on crack who gave an officer a handful of tampons when asked for his driver's license, and a man on spice who claimed to be Satan himself when officers caught up with him on U.S. 80.

Garden City Sgt. Shawn Myers, who recently received a statewide award for his level of drugged driving training, says a big problem is prescription pills.

"You will have a lot of people tell you they have a prescription, but I had a really bad day today, so I took three instead of one," Myers said. "Or they will take it along with drinking alcohol which makes it even worse."

Police are warning drivers: even if you have a prescription for a drug and take it in the recommended dose, you can go to jail, if you are not fit to safely operate a car.

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