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Military Salute: The Expert Infantryman's Badge

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Hundreds of Fort Stewart soldiers have taken to the post's remote corner, known as Camp Oliver, to see if they have the skills for one of the Army's most elite honors: the Expert Infantryman's Badge or EIB.

"Being in the infantry is all about professional arms and that IEB is a sign that that person is a professional at arms," explained Lt. Simon Stock, one of the candidates hoping to earn the badge this week. "It's about the weapons systems and knowing all the weapons the Army uses. It's about being a leader and somebody you can trust."

Soldiers must master 46 different skills. Those skills are tested in combinations in a scenerio or "lane". Between 10 and 15 percent of the Army's infantry earn the honor. Those who do, in turn, become evaluators and graders for the next pool of candidates.

"For me, it was pretty tough. It's not just the physical stuff, but the attention to detail and the studying part was pretty tough for me," explained Sgt. Dorian Worrell.

It's an honor that soldiers wear with pride.

"Like I tell soldiers, it's the infantryman's Super Bowl, and we won. I won it that year," noted First Sgt. Lloyd Pegeus.

In addition to Third Infantry, soldiers from the 188th Infantry Brigade, 1st Army and 48th Brigade- Ga. National Guard are testing this week at Fort Stewart.

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