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Savannah Professional Fire Fighters Union statement on pay discrepancies lawsuit

Statement from Savannah Professional Fire Fighters Union:

The recent issues regarding the pay disparity within the City of Savannah Bureau of Fire are troubling and of high importance to the Savannah Professional Fire Fighters Union Local #0574. 

Local 574 does not represent Fire Captains in the bargaining agreement currently but supports fair representation and equitable wages, benefits and working conditions for all departmental staff.  The pay issue is a systematic problem that affects employees from the Rank of Battalion Chief, Captain and Master Fire Fighter.  

The pay disparity negatively impacts all Bureau members by…

-          Reducing morale

-          Affecting work performance

-          And shows little employer loyalty towards the staff to whom is honored to serve all City residents and guests

Battalion Chiefs and Captains need to be allowed union representation as the rank and file members of the department have.  These issues would be less severe and handled during contract negotiations designed to promote a mutual gain relationship between both employee and employer.


Respectfully & Fraternally,


Robert L. Milie II, MPA

Vice President

I.A.F.F. Local #574


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