Faith In Practice

Faith in Practice is a group taking life changing medical help to people in Guatemala. Medical staff from all over the country give their time and talents at their own expense for these medical missions, but when they found a young man in a remote village who needed help they couldn't give him in Guatemala, St. Joseph's/Candler made the offer to treat him here in Savannah and that mission was a big success.

Jose' is communicating through a translator but when he got to the thank you , "Muchos gracias", we all understood. Dr. Ray Rudolph, Director of Pharmacy at St. Joseph's/Candler replied, "Denada", you're welcome, we are blessed with the opportunity to help you so you can go home and be a productive member of your country and help your family." Dr.Rudolph and Tom Inglesby are local leaders of Faith in Practice, the national organization of volunteer medical staff making missions to Guatemala. On one mission they found Jose' but couldn't operate on him because they didn't have the equipment in his country.

"We knew it could be relatively easily corrected in U.S. but virtually impossible to do in Guatemala." St. Joseph's/Candler offered the use of it's facility and doctors nurses, and other medical staff from Savannah each donated their time, talents and knowledge to correct Jose's injury. Jose' feels fortunate to be the first to be helped here but says hopefully he won't be the last.

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