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Does the 'Wipe New' stand the test of time?

Wipe New was tested on the outside of the truck. Wipe New was tested on the outside of the truck.
The interior of the truck was also tested. The interior of the truck was also tested.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Back in January I tested out the 'as seen on TV' product, Wipe New. It's supposed to bring back a showroom shine to your cars interior and exterior trim.

Over a couple of weeks I used the product on the interior of my vehicle and on the outside trim around my wheel wells and on my side view mirrors. It appeared to do a great job initially at bringing back the luster and shine of the original trim. But I knew that the real test would be over time. So I let nature take its course!

Two months later, now in March, I revisited the work the 'Wipe New' product did, and I was a bit surprised. On the outside of my vehicle, the trim above the wheel wells wasn't brilliantly vibrant, but it did hold on to a bit of the darker shine the product originally brought back. I can tell that the washed out look that had built up on my vehicles trim over the past seven years would return eventually. But after two months, it still did hold onto that newer look.

Now, back on the inside of my vehicle, I had originally used the 'Wipe New' on the door trim and dashboard. Upon the initial application it took the black color right back to its original showroom luster, with an exception or two to certain areas with extra wear. Two months later, the inside dash and door trim still look pretty good!

Over all, I think the 'Wipe New' does a good job. However, you need to be aware that it's only a temporary fix. Over time your trim, especially the exterior trim, will go back to looking old and dingy. If it was originally black, plan on that washed out look to return in probably three to four months. At that time you can re-apply the product for another few months of 'almost new' looks!

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