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Mobile Whites offers teeth whitening on the go

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Sometimes you need to brighten your smile in a matter of days.

Over the counter products take too long or cause sensitivity, but there may be an easier way.

White scrubs, latex gloves and an ultraviolet light. You may think it's a dental office, but it's actually a company called Mobile Whites.

It advertises whiter teeth in just 30 minutes, anywhere you are and at a fraction of the price you'll pay at the dentist.

"Some brides want to do it before their wedding at their home or hotel, and we will set it up and do it at the comfort of their own surroundings," said owner of Mobile Whites Christina Collins.

Collins says the LED light will accelerate the teeth whitening gel, thus causing it to react quicker when breaking down tough stains.

"The LED light will remove stains through the enamel, not just surface stains, as some of the over the counter products will just remove surface stains," said Collins.

Dr. Chad Schnabel of Savannah Dental Solutions said he uses a similar procedure in his office for those who don't want to fuss with custom fitted bleaching trays. But he said there is a small drawback.

"They tend to be pretty temporary," said Schnabel. "When you leave the office, they will be white, but over the next few days or weeks, you will get a relapse."

Another factor is sensitivity.

"If you are doing an in-office procedure, the peroxide is pretty strong, and if that occasionally happens, whoever administers the product needs to watch out for the gums."

That's a warning Collins gives to her customers as they administer the gel themselves.

So if you need teeth whitening in a pinch, this may be the way to go.

"It's quick," said Collins. "It's easy. There is no pain."

A few good reasons to smile.

Mobile Whites has an office located inside The Gallery on Broughton at 421 East Broughton St., Savannah, GA. Their phone number is 912.224.0931.

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