Editoral Salute - 4/4/14


Unbelievably, the 2009 nightmare at Army post Fort Hood was replayed this week, by another shooter, this time resulting in four soldiers dead, including the gunman, and 16 wounded.  Fewer casualties than the Hassan rampage, but pain, heartbreak, and loss for the families impacted, all the same.  Rather than a repeat of 2009's Islamic terrorist attack, this carnage is reportedly not terrorist related, but rather due to a soldier said to be undergoing treatment for mental health issues. 

This devastating incident freshens our memory about at least two issues.  Although apparently not a direct factor in this incident, never-the-less, there is the reality of more-than-a-decade of foreign wars, and its mental and physical impact on many thousands of brave military members.  With the resulting wider impact and responsibility on the rest of us to effectively-care for these men and women, over the long-term, no matter the cost.  Short efforts won't do it.  This is a decades-long proposition.

The second issue, raised again, is whether the policy against regular military members being armed on post should be seriously reviewed.  Seems ironic that the men and women we train to defend us, are unable to defend themselves within their own installations.  Whether fueled by a terror-fanatic, or a mental issue, lives could, it seems, be saved by a faster response at the point of attack. Bottom line: We mourn the losses, especially in an environment that should be the safest, and pay tribute to those un-named heroes at Fort Hood whose courageous actions doubtless saved other lives.