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State adopts teacher evaluation program already implemented in SCCPSS


The state of Georgia is adopting a new teacher evaluation program, grading teachers on a more rigorous scale.

This will be a new for many school systems across the state but not for Savannah-Chatham Public Schools.They began implementing the system two years ago after they piloted the program.

Administrators said they are thankful they have already made the transition.

"Anytime you have to learn something new, there is a little anxiety," said Georgetown School Principal Kelli Hamilton.  

Hamilton said despite the struggles that come with learning something new, she supports the state's decision to adopt the new teacher evaluation program called Teacher Keys Effectiveness System and Leader Keys Effectiveness System.

"It's done in a way that we can use it to grow," said Hamilton.  

She said before, teachers were being evaluated three times a year and now it's double.

Teacher assessment is only one of three elements. One of the biggest changes: evaluating teachers on student growth and academic achievement.

"The way we used to test, we would look at CRCT scores, but what about kindergarteners and first graders who aren't given CRCT scores?" said Hamilton.

Students in grades that do not have to take the CRCT or other state standardized tests will now take what is called SLO's, student learning objectives which are tests given at the beginning and end of the year.

"P.E. teachers who teach eigth grade have the same SLO, all the kindergarten teachers have the same SLO," said Hamilton.  

It's a way to closely measure the growth of all students year by year and measure teacher effectiveness. Hamilton said since they have been implementing the program, she has noticed a change.

"I just think individual teachers are more aware," said Hamilton.

Teachers will also be evaluated on a more detailed scale unlike before.

"Good teachers would be satisfactory, great teachers would be satisfactory," said Hamilton.  

Now, she can evaluate teachers who go above and beyond in the classroom.

"It allows us to score them exemplary," said Hamilton.  

Other school systems across Georgia that have not already adopted this program will have to beginning this fall.

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