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Birthday flower delivery not so special after all


Heather Hudson just wanted to send her friend a special Happy Birthday delivery. She decided to order flowers and candy from an online florist. It turned out to be not very special because the chocolate never made it and the flowers barely did.

"I'm baffled. It makes me never want to order flowers online" said Hudson. "Four of them are completely broken at the stem. The flowers are already turning brown - the petals I mean. And there are green spots on them where they're looking like they're already dying and they're only two days old."

Hudson said she went online on Tuesday April 1st to Wesley Berry Flowers' web site because "they're reasonably priced and they said next day delivery."

She decided to get the 'florist choice' - "so it would be an arrangement I didn't know exactly what I was ordering to a certain extent."

According to her order confirmation, the order totaled $35.02. Her card was billed.

Her friend's birthday is April 2nd.

"I ordered April 1st and it was supposed to be next day delivery" said Hudson. "And early morning April 2nd which was the day it was supposed to be delivered, I got an email saying that it was not going to be delivered April 2nd - not delivered until the third - after 3 o'clock."

Meagan Mavreles eventually received her delivery - the box was stamped Flower Delivery Express.

"Once I unwrapped them and took the rubber band off, I was really surprised to see how they fell" said Mavreles. "I didn't want to say hey you sent me messed up roses."

Not only were the flowers broken at the stem and wilted, the box of chocolates was missing.

Hudson said she tried repeatedly to contact Wesley Berry but a person never answered the phone. The company did not respond to her emails.

What happened to the 'florist choice?'

"It is at their discretion" said Hudson, as she looked over her present to her friend. "But at the same time I don't expect to have this as a florist choice - broken flowers and dead flowers."

She has a message for other potential customers.

"Because I want to make sure people who have not ordered online - or even do order flowers online - do not use this company because they're not going to stand behind their product at all."

WBTV called Wesley Berry Flowers. No one answered when we tried to reach workers who handle existing orders.

A manager who answered the phone for new orders told us to call back.

Wesley Berry Flowers is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

A spokeswoman for the BBB says regardless of the company, customers ordering flowers online should deal with a local florist. If the delivery is going to another city, the recommendation is that you try to find a florist with a local address or phone number.

If a merchant won't refund your money, call your credit card company and contest your charges, and file a complaint with the BBB.

Heather Hudson said she has four complaints against Wesley Berry flowers.

"First of all that they told me it would be next day delivery - which it wasn't" said Hudson. "Second thing is she didn't get chocolates like I ordered. Third thing is the flowers were absolutely horrific. And fourth would be their customer service - that they did not take care of me with special care like they said they were going to do."

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