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Editorial - 4/7/14

Private-sector free-enterprise adherents, those motivated by ideas and opportunities, apply their skills, take risks, become successful, generate wealth, and importantly for the nation, create jobs, something the government can sometimes do, too often temporary, impractical, and purely-political.  Historically, from bricks-and-mortar to web, private sector men and women are the true drivers of our best-in-the-world, capitalist-generated, economic system, creating success stories like Apple, Google, YouTube, and so many others.  Another American idea, Amazon.com, began just 19-years ago, and has grown to become the world's largest on-line retailer, a driving economic force, with over 100,000 employees.

Among our other past and present champions of capitalism's risk and reward formula are America's oil and gas explorers and innovators,  relentlessly hammered by progressives, those committed non-contributors, squatting and barking from the side-lines of the free-enterprise super-highway.  Overcoming obsessive regulatory road-blocks, our nation's oil and gas entrepreneurs are the ones solely responsible for accelerating America's vital fossil-fuel self-sufficiency, loosening the strangle-hold of dependence on foreign oil that, for far too long, has forced us to pay billions to countries that neither like us, nor respect our freedom-driven way of life and achievement.  

Thanks to our tradition of private-sector innovation and economic success, world-leading humanitarian efforts, and historically, when required, restoring liberty to the oppressed, there is simply no question that we are an exceptional nation, made so by the brains, brawn, and sacrifice of an exceptional people.  One fed-up with being told that we're not, all too often by our own leaders, as they weakly-wallow in perpetual-pander mode.   

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