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Tattnall County hit with storm damage overnight

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Crews are working to empty more than 20,000 birds from a chicken house damaged by a severe storm.

The storm Monday night leveled the middle of one house and ripped sections of the roof from two other buildings.

"Dollar wise, we're looking at around $100,000 in damages," said Tobin Spires of the Claxton Poultry Company. "That should be taken care of in the scheme of things fairly quickly."

Before they could start, they had to get 20,000 or more chickens out of the building and away from the damage without going too far into the building, since they didn't know how sturdy it was.

"We moved birds to other buildings," said Spires. "We moved some birds to other farms."

The owners supply chickens to Claxton Poultry. Company employees were assisting with moving birds to the remaining houses.

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