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Why some stay-at-home moms choose to keep kids out of daycare


""I'm the cat in the hat and the I'm happy to say there's a map on my lap," Stephanie Rice read.

It's Reading time at the Rice home. Seven-year-old Jacob and five-year-old Nathan are curled up with mom with The Cat and the Hat, while baby brother Caleb is taking a nap.

"You can't get these moments back. They're only little for a short period of time," said Mrs. Rice.

Stephanie Rice is a stay at home mom with three boys and another baby on the way, due in August. Her husband is working and going to school but she stopped working several years ago in order to take care of the kids because the cost of daycare was just too much for their family.

"Astronomical compared to what I was making. So I wouldn't even come out ahead with my salary," Mrs. Rice said.

The average cost of full time daycare is more than $13,000 a year per child.

According to a Pew Research Center report 29% of moms stayed home in 2012-that's up six percent in more than a decade.

For this Strongsville mom it makes financial sense to do away with daycare.

"I was only bringing home maybe $800 every two weeks," added Stephanie Rice. "So it's not even worth it. Financially it was stressful."

Stephanie has also decided to home-school her children, another way she says to spend valuable time with her kids.

"We would have the five year old. The two year old and newborn in daycare, and three in daycare is just to much money," added Stephanie Rice.

Some experts though say they expect the number of stay-at-home moms to decrease as more women find jobs.

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