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Metro Atlanta city named country's most dangerous


Is a city in the metro-Atlanta area the most dangerous in the country? One real estate blog says it is.

The Movoto real estate blog ranks the City of East Point as the most dangerous city in the country after saying it compared crime statistics from the 116 largest suburbs in the U.S.

The blog says it used the FBI's own recently released numbers for crimes ranging from murder and rape to property and vehicle theft in 2012.

East Point is a small city just south of Atlanta with a population of more than 35,000.

Across the board, Movoto used a population of 100,000 people to work its math.

It then says in 2012 one out of eight people living in East Point faced being victimized, making it number-one in total and violent crimes and number-two in property and vehicle theft.

"Do not be alarmed," police chief Woodrow Blue told CBS46 reporter Donna Rapado. Blue stressed the numbers are skewed and wrong. He pointed out the city had just 12 murders in 2012, not 34 as the blog says it did.

"Also they said we had over 12,000 total crimes. That number's incorrect. We actually only had 4,307 total crimes," the Chief explained.

Many residents were surprised to hear East Point topped the list of the most dangerous places in the country.

"Being from New York they always say, ‘you're from New York. How could you be afraid?,'" Shakenna Clotter said. Clotter moved to East Point five years ago and said her first apartment was broken into a couple of times. "I was scared because it was something new, like home invasions and robberies."

Another recent transplant, Mila Prill, said she's had a few issues in her four years in East Point. "But I feel like it's settling down in my little corner. I can live with it. It'll get better. The police force is really good."

Longtime resident, Diana Abbensatt, has lived in East Point more than 20 years. Word of the top rank shocked and angered her.

"It shouldn't be this way. This is a nice city. We'd like to keep it that way," said Abbensatt. "But East Point's [police] gonna have to do a whole lot better than what they're doing."

Chief Blue assured, "This is a very safe city. Do what you normally do, get out, be visible, go visit, go to the park, go shopping. This is a very safe city with officers on the street."

Camden, New Jersey and Miami Beach, Florida round out the blog's top three most dangerous suburbs -- smaller cities outside of big metropolitan areas like Atlanta and Miami.

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