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Fire-damaged home on 38th Street comes down


After some unexpected delays, a fire-damaged house on 38th Street in Savannah has finally been demolished. 

WTOC had the only news crew there when the damaged structure came down Thursday morning. 

The demolition began at around 9 a.m., and now the house has been reduced to nothing but rubble. 

The contractor hired to oversee the demolition ran into some issues Wednesday so they were not able to knock it down at the scheduled time because the gas was still on in the house.

The vacant house caught fire early Tuesday morning. Flames jumped to the house next door causing damage to that home as well and displacing the three people that live there. Officials are still not sure of the cause. 

The city issued an emergency demolition of the badly burned house, but not the one next door to it.

The contractor was a little nervous that debris from the home being demolished would fall onto the one next door because the houses are so close together.  

"Luckily there's no one living in the house now. It has a good bit of damage to it but we're going to do everything in our power to keep it from, you know, going on the other house and doing anymore damage," said Mike Lassiter, Savannah River Utilities. 

None of the debris hit any other structures during Thursday's demolition and officials say the home came down without any trouble.  

Now that the damaged house is completely down, officials say another crew will come out with a big dumpster and clean up all of the debris.

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