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Editorial Salute - 4/10/14

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In the April 3rd edition of the "Frontline" newspaper, 3rd ID Public Affairs Sergeant Uriah Walker gave us a comprehensive reminder, worth sharing more broadly, of the capacity and training-capabilities offered by Fort Stewart, not only for active-duty soldiers, but other multi-branch units as well.  Wrote Sergeant Walker: Our post "covers nearly 280,000 acres, with 124 training areas, more than 500-miles of tank trails, 380-miles of improved roads, 130 live-fire facilities, 13 Army airfield training areas, three shoot houses, and a sniper range." Recently Marine Corps engineers took advantage of some heavy-equipment training at Fort Stewart, a location that  has proven to be far more accessible and efficient than the alternative, which for the Marines, is a lengthy convoy up the Interstate to Camp Lejeune.

Already, in 2014, reports Sergeant Walker, there have been 276,000 man-days completed for individual-training, the vast majority, of course, being  active-duty soldiers, but in addition, National Guard, Army Reserve, and a large contingent of Marines.  Add to that the aviation and special operations-focused facilities at Hunter, and you have a combined-installation with capabilities and value that few others in the nation can rival.  It's good to remind ourselves of what a crown-jewel we do have here in our midst, one who's location and impact are not only of vital importance to Coastal Georgia, but for the ultimate defense of our nation and freedom, as well.

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