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Men waive right to testify at trial, closing arguments begin Friday

Germaine Grant and Terrell Nelson Germaine Grant and Terrell Nelson

Two men on trial in connection with a fatal March 2013 shooting have decided to not take the stand at their trial.

Germaine Grant and Terrell Nelson are charged with fatally shooting Achmed Williams on 54th Street in March 2013.

On Thursday on the third day of the trial, they both waived their right to testify, deciding to not to take the stand in this trial.

The prosecution called the lead Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Dept. detective assigned to that homicide investigation to the stand.

The detective testified about interviewing witnesses about the shooting, including Lester Seabrook, a witness who has already testified. The state rested after lunch ending with the lead detective's testimony.

While the defense tried poking holes in Seabrook's credibility, pointing out that his story had changed during the course of his interview with police, the detective testified that the only inconsistency was that Seabrook was afraid to admit that he had actually witnessed the murder himself, originally stating this was information he had heard from a friend.

The detective testified that Seabrook eventually told police he was in his father's home across the street from where this all happened. Seabrook had told police they had the door open and he could see through the screen door. Also, during the interview at police headquarters, Seabrook picked out both defendants' pictures from a series of three line ups.

The prosecution also introduced phone records obtained by the lead detective of a phone they knew to belong to one of the defendants, Grant. From the records, the detective determined a cellular activity from that phone was picked up on a cell tower near the crime scene around the time of the slaying.

The defense built its case Thursday, trying to prove that someone else had to have committed the murder and that Terrell Nelson and Germaine Grant were not responsible for the murder.

The defense called on the mother of Grant's children, who said Grant was at their Port Wentworth home the day of the murder. The court also heard from her mother, the grandmother of Grant's children, who testified she called to make sure Grant was at their Port Wentworth home after she heard abou the murder.

The court also heard from two witnesses who live on 54th Street near the location of the murder and had witnessed parts of the crime in some way. They said they did not see Nelson or Grant that night.

Closing arguments begin Friday at the Chatham County Courthouse at 9:45 a.m.

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