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Brady Lake Police Chief keeps his job despite criminal record

Brady Lake Police Chief John Marra Brady Lake Police Chief John Marra
Brady Lake Mayor Hal Lehman Brady Lake Mayor Hal Lehman

Does the Mayor of Brady Lake hire police chiefs without even getting a copy of their criminal back ground?

Our Scott Taylor tried to speak to Brady Lake Mayor Hal Lehman at Wednesday's Village Hall meeting to get some answers.

Scott Taylor asks "Hey Mayor. I would like to ask you a couple of questions."

Mayor Lehman walks away saying "No comment."

Since March, 19 Action News has been asking the Village of Brady Lake to turn over a copy of the village's job application filled out by new Police Chief John Marra.  It's where you would think Marra would list his 2008 conviction of dereliction of duty. 

Last month, 19 Action News Investigative Reporter Scott Taylor discovered Marra's conviction.  The mayor didn't want to talk to Scott then either but 19 Action News tracked him down. 

Mayor Hal Lehman said "Our insurance company did a background check on him.  They called the clerk back and said everything was ok."

The initial court complaint came from the Uniontown police chief claiming while on duty as a Uniontown   police officer in 2008, the then 31-year-old Marra kissed and fondled a 16 to 17-year-old girl and engaged in inappropriate texts.

The relationship was legal but not while on duty according to the Uniontown police chief's complaint.

A judge convicted Marra of dereliction of duty.

The village is also not handing over their criminal background check on the chief.

"I would like a copy of that background check," says Scott Taylor to Mayor Lehman.

The mayor admits "I haven't got that neither, so..."

The Mayor gave 19 Action News a copy of John Marra's letter of interest to become police chief when he was a Brady Lake police sergeant.  It's not even dated.   

Marra speaks of his 17 years in law enforcement and how he wants to provide strong progressive leadership but there was no mention of his criminal record.  He was sentenced to two years of probation, 100 hours of community service, plus a court order to resign from the Uniontown Police Department and no contact with his victim or her family.

Scott Taylor says "Have you read his record?"

Mayor Lehman says "I had the Attorney look at it.  We are done with the issue. Thank you."

Scott Taylor says "I know but is he still keeping his job?"

"Yes, sir," replies Mayor Lehman.

Police Chief John Marra has refused to talk to 19 Action News on camera.  

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