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Gov. Deal announces projects for clinical cannabis oil trials


Gov. Nathan Deal created a plan on Thursday to allow the safe and legal use of cannabis oil by Georgia children affected by epileptic disorders.

Gov. Deal also announced that he and the Dept. of Human Services will launch pilot projects for public-private partnerships in the state's foster care system.

Gov. Deal has consulted with the federal Food and Drug Administration about legal clinical trials with cannabis oil products to be conducted at Georgia Regents University Augusta.

Gov. Deal said in a statement that they have identified two tracks worthy of pursuit, the most promising being a pairing between GRU and a private pharmaceutical company that has developed a purified liquid cannaninoid oil.

The oil is currently in the FDA testig phase and contains no THC, the chemical in marijuana that causes a user to experience a high.

The other possible trial would involve the use of a cannabidiol oil obtained from cannabis products grown by the National Institute on Drug Abuse at its farm located at the University of Mississippi. This trial could take more time because GRU would have to work through an approval process with NIDA and the FDA.

Georgia Regents University expressed its excitement about the clinical trials, saying it has a responsibility to address the needs of families and children that are suffering.

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