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Clean up begins after vacant home torn down

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The cleanup process is underway after crews tore down a vacant house on 38th Street in Savannah on Thursday.

The city ordered the emergency demolition after the stricter caught fire early Tuesday morning.

Crews were busy for most of the day trying to clear all of the wood from the site.

It only took 45 minuites to tear down the two-story house, and the contractor said it was a lot easier to get the building down than it was to actually start the process.

Crews were supposed to knock the house down on Wednesday, but they ran into some issues because the gas and water were still on.

"Before you can start tearing down these houses you have to make sure the gas lines are taken away from the old houses, and water lines and all, because when you start pulling them, you'll pull all the pipes out from underneath the house, and the next thing you know, you'll have a gas leak out here, or water leak," said Mike Lassiter with Savannah River Utilities.

Everything was turned off Thursday morning, and crews didn't have any problems tearing the house down.

There were tons of spectators who stopped by and watch the house get knocked down.

"We're kind of curous to see what they're going to do with it, and how they're going to take it down," said Rick Taylor.

Taylor and many others were nervous because the house was close to the neighboring house, and they feared the debris would fall on it.

"They did a really good job, considering the house was leaning towards the neighboring house, and there were chimneys and bricks and things that looked like they'd been compromised. They were leaning and loose," said Taylor "They really did a great job of getting it down to where he hasn't dropped it on the house next door."

Lassiter said knocking down of the house is the only part of the process people find interesting. He said the clean up part is pretty boring.

"There's a lot of trash right there to move," said Lassiter.

According to Lassiter, they should be done with the house by next week.

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