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Story behind police internal investigation

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19 Action News is uncovering more about an internal investigation into Cleveland police at a corner store suspected of helping themselves to food, drink, even lottery tickets.

The chief's office would only confirm an investigation is underway. The corner store includes a gas station at East 40th and St.Clair.

Multiple sources told 19 Action News reporter Ed Gallek the focus is on two officers but it could involve up to 26. Store security video may be key to the case.

The police union says no officers have been formally questioned yet.

Word going around the department is the store owner found he was coming up short and he may have even fired an employee. Then he looked back at his video.

But the union thinks officers started whispering to other officers about this, and now rumors have been overblown.

A few months ago we saw a city trash worker fired and others suspended. They were caught on camera demanding snacks to pick up the trash.

Recently, police union leaders told officers to stay out of this store.

Some stores offer free coffee to police to keep them stopping in and have them around.

Was this all a misunderstanding over something like that? Or was it that taken to an extreme?

The chief's office says it can't tell us more just yet.

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