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Richmond woman says debris fell from train tracks onto her car


A Richmond woman calls NBC12 after she says, debris fell from elevated train tracks and onto her car. What's worse, she says, the debris landed inches from where her daughter was sitting.

Joyce Louis was driving her daughter to school Thursday morning and was waiting for a green light on Hull Street at Dock Street. 

"My little girl looked up and said, 'Mommy, the train is going so fast' and I said 'it really is'. As soon as I finished that statement, I heard a big 'pop.'"

Louis says, she looked in her rear-view mirror and saw her rear-window had completely shattered. She says, the debris fell right above her daughter's car seat.

"I was just thankful that nothing went through the glass," she said. "My whole fear was that something was going to hit my little girl."

Louis says, she called CSX, which owns the tracks but Louis didn't have all the information she needed to file a proper report.

To file a claim you need the ID number and road name where the issue occurred.

"It's an overpass and there's no where for me to actually go up there and get that information," said Louis.

Louis says, the CSX agent she spoke to wouldn't give her the ID number but she gave them the rest of her information. According to Louis, the CSX agent took down the information she had and said they would send over the paperwork.

CSX maintains they have no record of the report.

On top of that, Louis says, CSX didn't want her to replace her rear window because the company wanted a representative to assess the damage in person.

"That's extremely dangerous. I couldn't even see!"

NBC12 brought what Ms. Louis said but CSX continually directed her to their customer service line. We'll stay on top of this story and let you know what happens.

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