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Second round of play underway at Masters

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Norman Stuckey and his granddaughter at the Masters Golf Tournament. Norman Stuckey and his granddaughter at the Masters Golf Tournament.

AUGUSTA, GA (WTOC/WFXG) - The second round of play is underway Friday at the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta.

For golf fans - any day is a great day to be at Augusta National. In just a few days, a new Masters champion will be crowned.

But are there really golf fans who would rather be somewhere else when that happens. There are people who prefer the early rounds.

Sunday at Augusta is one of the best days in sports, but one of the worst places to follow it can be at Augusta.

Large crowds around the leaders make it difficult to get close to the action and you don't have up-to-the-minute scoring updates on the course.

That's why some people who have a choice when they come to the Masters choose to be there on a Thursday or Friday.

Norman Stuckey discovered that preference by accident a half a century ago when he and his friend were shut out of tickets at the masters when there used to be a walk-up window.

They decided they should order badges, but Stuckey procrastinated - so the friend got badges and Stuckey didn't.

But that friend has let him use those badges on Friday every year since.

The 81 year old - who was here with his granddaughter on Friday said he likes it that way. Come Sunday, he can watch all the masters action on TV.

On Saturday the field is cut, sometimes drastically. It depends if they're within 10 shots of the lead they can get in. Sitting at home in and watching it from your living room is a lot easier than walking around out here.

There is definitely something to being seen there for the final holes - feeling the energy, hearing the roars. But you certainly see more on TV.

Many people will come for the first half of the day Sunday and then when the leaders tee off No. 1 - they head for the gates - and their televisions.

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