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Ebeneezer students sent home sick with virus


More than 20 additional students were sent home on Friday from Ebenezer Middle school after an outbreak of what may be the norovirus.

On Thursday 50 eighth graders missed school with nausea that usually lasts between 24-48 hours.

We were unable to get any school officials on camera Friday, but we did get our hands on a letter that was sent to parents advising them to keep their sick children at home to prevent the spreading of germs for at least 24 hours and that the staff was taking extra steps to keep the school clean.

"It was a strong bug that came on very strong and fast and hit them hard," said parent Jennifer King. "It was violent vomiting. Having kids that are older, it was alarming."

Jennifer King spent the past two days sanitizing her home after two of her children who attend Ebenezer Middle suddenly became ill.

"We came home. She went to a pediatrician. The pediatrician was kind of concerned about how hard she was vomiting, her symptoms," said King. "She was not sounding right, so the doctor sent us to the emergency room. At the emergency room they said it has been an ongoing thing. The doctor had already seen a couple of kids with it that week. He already knew it was coming and what to expect. They said it may be a norovirus or a form of a viral infection."

King was also warned this may be coming.

"We got an email from the school, if our kids were feeling ill is to keep our kids at home," said King. "It was better than exposing other children. The other thing we have gotten is from the principal. She let us know they are trying to get on top of everything and they are cleaning and going to clean more. "

To help protect herself and other children from getting infected, doctors told King to do this.

"As far as cleaning, they said to Lysol the house. Anything she touched to wipe down with bleach. Use hot soap and water to wash our hands. Use disposal cups, so when she started drinking again and keep her to one side of the house," said King.

Doctors say warm water and soap help prevent from the virus spreading, something some say the school is without.

"I know they have it available to them. Middle school boys are gross. They do gross things. I don't think the school can control what they do," said King.

King said she has always seen soap in the female restrooms at the school and was not aware there are any issues. The superintendent plans on speaking with WTOC next week about the issue.

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