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Runaway carriage causes chaotic scene on downtown streets


Downtown Savannah was witness to a chaotic scene early Monday afternoon after a runaway carriage caused serious damage to cars, injured the carriage driver and temporarily shut down city streets.

The bridle, the headgear the driver of the carriages uses to control the horse, broke, and from that point on there was no way of controlling the horse.

The carriage tooke off from Congress and Barnard streets and traveled east on Barnard with five passengars: the driver, a mother with three children and another woman.

The carriage hit several vehicles and then flipped. All occupants were thrown from the carriage when it flipped over.

The mother and children are ok, according to police, but the driver, Ashley Bignault, was transported to Memorial University Medical Center, and a 67-year-old woman from Sleepy Hollow, NY was treated at a nearby urgent care center and released.

The horse kept running even after the carriage flipped and was eventually stopped by restaurant wokers on Congress Lane when employees calmed it with carrots.

Five vehicles were struck by the carriage.

"When I was walking back, I heard a lot of screaming and carrying on," said Liz Lee, whose truck was damaged in the incident. "They were all coming this way, a big crowd of people up here. The police car came down the wrong way on Whitaker. Somebody said someone got shot. And I say my broker, Dicky Mopper, standing there and I said, ‘what in the world is going on' and he said ‘Liz, a carriage just ran into your truck,' and I said ‘What?' and it did, it was a little chaotic."

Police said they are still investigating the incident, but credit some of the local businesses who not only attended to the carriage driver and the family on board, but also calmed the horse down.

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