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Editorial - 4/14/14

Yes, it's time to talk about Benghazi again. Which we must continue to do until the whistle is finally blown on our government's self-protective game of political dodge-ball.  After ignoring prior requests for increased security, sworn testimony has shown that those in authority knew almost immediately that this was an orchestrated attack, not a spontaneous demonstration.  The proof is clear.  Random demonstrators don't bring mortars. We now know that, from a position more than half-a-mile away, at night, several mortar rounds were fired in rapid-succession.  The first couple for range, the remainder "for effect," hitting the roof of our CIA annex, killing those two courageous former-SEALS, who had run toward the gun-fire, to boldly engage the attackers.  Precision rounds, not the work of mayhem-minded amateurs, but of well-trained terrorists.

Oh, but wait, stammer the apologists, with the Ambassador and staffer already killed by attackers, no way we could've saved those SEALS.  Well, we certainly could've tried harder! That battle raged for almost eight-hours.  Time enough for low-level fly-overs, by regional sea or land-based U.S. jets, soiling knickers and scattering the attackers, allowing a Tripoli rapid-deployment team more critical time for arrival and rescue. 

But instead, with a Presidential election two-months away, and having assured America that we had al-Qaeda-types on the run, the politically-powerful ignored prior warnings, left Americans to die, concocted a myth about a video, jailed its producer, apologized to the world for our insensitivity, and mentally walked away, the invisible blood of our heroes dripping from negligent hands.  The Benghazi tragedy does not begin to end, until we hold accountable those responsible for this haunting disgrace.

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